Monday, January 4, 2016

What is it you do with your wild and precious life?

What is it  you do with your wild and precious life?

I have always wanted to travel to many places around the world, like my grandparents did. I want to visit Thi Land because it's beautiful there. Another plus side about going to Thi land is the flights there are expensive but you could stay at a super nice resort and it's really cheap!
 I have always been afraid of loosing my childhood and being uptight and strict, and never having a sence of humor because I've seen people like that. So I want to be a photographer and never forget my child hood. I can take pictures of everything and always remember all my trips and people I meet.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Voice...

Dorothy was walking to school one day.
I should throw a surprise party for mom when I get home! Maybe I could leave school early to set it up---
Dorothy heard a loud engine. She stopped and looked at the little black car as It turned down her street. She figured it was nothing and kept on her way to school.
Dorothy was having an unusual day at school that day. She had a strange feeling in her all day. Her head was pounding. Her stomach was aching. But she didn’t know why.
On her walk home from school, she had her headphones in; all the way high, like any typical 13 year old. Music helped her feel better whenever she didn’t feel good.  She listened to her favorite songs, it always worked, even that day. Suddenly she stopped walking, she dropped her bag that felt like 50 pound weights, and her half empty lunch box. She looked over and saw the short black car making the left turn off her street. As the car passed by her she looked in and saw an old short man driving, he quickly looked over at her. Dorothy jerked her head to the side and tried to casually cover her face. He slowed down. Then he sped his car away making the tires squeal. Dorothy’s jaw dropped, she knew if she was with her mom she would have gotten told to close her mouth because she  would have swallowed a fly.
She stared, watching the car go by, wondering if he was watching her too. She wondered if he had a gun and why she felt so uneasy just then.  In just a second she snapped out of it, Oh right, I have to get home to decorate for mom’s party! I can hang steemers and find balloons somewhere. It’ll be great!
Once she got home she knew her mom would be there. She knew she had to stay really quiet, and slowly took her shoes off, so her mom wouldn’t know anyone was home. She went in her room to plan everything out, she always needed a plan before she did something. As she tip toed up the squeaky steps and past the ice cold kitchen tiles, she noticed that she didn’t see her mom anywhere. I guess that’s a good thing though, now she won't suspect a thing! Maybe she isn’t even home. Dorothy went down stairs to her basement, to see if there was any wrapping paper. She wanted to wrap the present her mom’s been asking for, since her last birthday but she couldn’t afford it then. She’s been saving up for a while now, she got the money through lunch money and chores. How come we have bright pink wrapping paper with purple bunny’s on it, but no birthday wrapping paper? Dorothy was such a perfectionist! Well I guess this will do. I wonder what her face will look like once she opens it. haha!
As Dorothy headed toward the stairs she heard her phone ringing from the first floor. I should probably go get that maybe it’s mom, asking if i need a ride home from school. She quickly ran upstairs to get it. She saw it on the table and went to pick it up, she noticed it was a blocked number. She looked at the phone in shock and let it go to voice mail. Who is this? She hesitantly called the number back. The person answered right away, on the first ring, like he was waiting for her to answer.
He whispered into the phone “You’re dad went missing around 10:30 this morning, no one can find him. He’s dead!”
She dropped the phone once she heard it a tear ran down her face, the phone was still on the call. She immediately grabbed her coat and ran to her friend, Kate’s house. Whenever she took a step she felt like everyone was in slow motion, like the world has stopped spinning, like nothing else is happening. Once she got near Kate’s house all she could see was the house, she had tunnel vision. She leaped up the steps, walked on her porch toward the patio chairs, that were much nicer than Dorothy’s, and quickly reached under the cushion to find the house key.
BANG BANG BANG, “KATE!” BANG BANG BANG “KATE!” She hopelessly yelled.
Kate’s mom answered the door.
“Hey Dorothy” She Said
“Can’t talk ri-now I need to see Kate” Dorothy said out of breath.
She let herself in and up stairs to  Kate’s room she could hear that she was listening to her music really loud She knew she was probably dancing in her room and singing to the song.She didn't care she still went upstairs though. Dorothy gave Kate a quick rundown of what happened today .  Kate nodded her head a little bit confused but mostly understanding, and Dorothy quickly drag Kate by the arm all the way downstairs and out of her house onto the sidewalk.
“Wait shouldn’t we call the police first?” Kate said in a rush.
“Great thinking!’’ She answered.
She quickly grabbed her phone out of her back pocket and dial 9-1-1 and told the police what happened she told the police what street she lived on and what her and parents names were.
A few minutes later they saw with the police car driving down the street and they quickly waves their hands trying to show the police officer to stop. the police slowly pulled over and the girls ran towards the car. “Are you Dorothy and Kate” he said.
“Yes are you going to our house right or is that a different person?” She replied
“Yes, yes I am,  But I should probably get there fast because this is a big situation!”
“Well where do we go?” said Kate
“I can have someone take you to the police station give me a second I'll call them!”
When the other policeman got there the first one left, driving towards Dorothy’s house.
“Hello officer” kate said.
He took us to the police station, to talk to the detective. His voice sounded familiar...

Thursday, November 19, 2015

ALWAYS follow the RULES!!

“ Would you guys rather go to the pool or the soccer fields” the camp counselor said excitedly.
“SOCCER FIELDS!!!” the whole camp yelled.
Me and Emily looked at each other,
“ This is going to be soooo boring!” I said mad.
“Why don’t we just go to the gymnastics room instead!” she said excited. I was nervous.
“Or we could go to the  pool the sounds fun too!” Emily said
“No It’s about to rain, look at the sky.” I said pointing up.
We then wandered off to the gymnastics part of the camp anyway. We thought it would be more fun! It took a little while, it was past the soccer fields, past the sign in booth and even past the cafeteria! There were a few times that we almost got caught, so we had to hide behind a sign that said “Welcome to camp buttercup!”
“Let’s go turn on the radio” Emily said.
“No! then they’ll hear us!” I whispered.
“Hey!” Maddie said running at  us from far away.
“What?” We said together.
“When did you get here?” I said surprised
“I had to follow you! You couldn’t expect me to stay behind” she answered excitedly.
She got a head start and started running over to the huge new rope net that went into a foam pit hanging from the ceiling. Me and Emily looked at each other again and followed her. We started climbing ropes like monkeys that just got out of their cage! Once we go to the top we all jumped down and pretended we were sky divers!


Once I sat up I looked around, but no one was there, the only thing I saw was Emily and Maddie running away.  I closed my eyes really fast and started to stand up without putting weight on my foot.  Seconds later I saw Emily and Maddie running with two people, then I fell back down.   Maddie, Emily, the head coach and the manager came over to me and asked me what happened.  I could tell by their voices they were panicking.
“Me, Maddie and Emily were messing around in here we went on the balance beams, the trampolines, even the ropes! We climbed all the way up to the top but when we jumped down, my foot twisted and now my whole leg hurts!” I said crying.
“Can you call her mom?” the manager, Cathy, said calmly.
The soccer coach started to walk away on the phone...she came back over a few minutes later and said “your mom is at work but she can’t leave now, are you ok with staying until the end of the day?”
“Yeah that’s fine” I said, “Can I have some ice though?”
“Yup” Cathy said as she started to pick me up and carry me out the door. Maddie and Emily looked at each other, Emily said worried “is this our fault?”
“Do you have to carry me everywhere?” I said annoyed.
“Try to walk” I hopped off her back and landed on one foot! I stood up then fell and squinted in pain.  Mom is going to be so mad at me!
I saw my my pull up in the parking lot to pick me up from camp, she said she couldn’t make a doctor’s appointment because they were all booked.
“so we have to wait until tomorrow?” I said confused.
“Well there’s another place I can try” she said once we got in the car. I looked over to see my mom dialing numbers off of the piece of paper and onto her phone.
I looked over at her, she was still dialing numbers. I said to her
“Am I still going to be able to go to camp?”
“Probably not” she said as we pulled into the office.
“Is it broken?” Maddie screamed into the phone that night.
“No it’s really bruised I can still go to camp tomorrow” I said tiredly.

The next day at camp I walked in like it was a regular day, even though it hurt to walk.

“let’s go to the field hockey fields.” coach said….that was the day I made my first goal.

Monday, November 2, 2015

My favorite part if my story

“Let’s go turn on the radio” Emily said.
“No! then they’ll hear us!” I whispered.
“Hey!” Maddie said running at  us from far away
“What?” We said together.
“When did you get here?” I said surprised
“I had to follow you! You couldn’t expect me to stay behind” she answered excitedly.
I like this part of my story because it kind of sounds mysterious because at first there trying to stay quiet then someone named Maddie just comes out of no where then joins in! I also think it's a turning point for my story because they be a little more adventurous and free!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Scene or Summary

I'm reading a book called "Because of Winn-Dixie". In the begging the main character Opal, who lives in an all adult trailer park with her dad, goes for a quick trip too the grocery store for milk and eggs but leaves with  a dog. I think it's a scene because they usually don't have summary's right in the beginning of a book and because it went by fast and it was very detailed and descriptive and  it had a lot of diolouge